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Planning to upgrade and trade-in old phones to the latest smartphone models in store? Still searching for the best retail tech store to trade-in your old gadgets?

Don’t just throw away your used mobile devices just yet! Bring them over to Factory Mobile and you can trade-in old phones for your dream phone today.

Here at Factory Mobile, we accept trade-ins for any type of gadgets such as handphones or even old tablets. Plus, you can directly choose your picks from a variety of best smartphones that we offer ranging from the latest models of iPhones to Huawei, Honor, Realmi, Redmi, Inifinix and many more!

5 reasons Why you Should Trade-in at Factory Mobile

Now let’s look at the many reasons why trading in your old devices at Factory Mobile is a smart decision:

1. Factory Mobile, the largest in Pantai Timur:

Currently the largest retail tech-store to be established in the East Coast regions of Malaysia (Pantai Timur), Factory Mobile now owns 12 branches all across Malaysia including Selangor. At Factory Mobile, any model of telephones are accepted for trade-ins, including the damaged and used ones as well.

By trading in your old handphones at Factory Mobile, we’ve prepared an easy alternative instead of the hassle of finding buyers, negotiating prices and even handling the shipment to let go of your old mobile device.

Customers can bring any of their old phones! Factory Mobiles accept trade-ins for any model of phones, even damaged ones.

2. Higher Trade-in value:

When you decide to trade-in old phones at Factory Mobile, not only would you get a chance to upgrade your smartphone, but you will also reduce the cost of purchasing your new phone. With trade-in purchases, you can save on any new Androids or iPhones of your choice by deducting the price of your new chosen device with the old smartphone brought for trading in.

Compared to any tech stores in the area, Factory Mobile offers a higher and valuable price range for your trade-in devices. As explained by one of our store clerks, customers can get the best deals for their old mobile gadgets, which makes the trade-in process and upgrading to a new device as a much more worthwhile experience.

Factory Mobile is one of the top retail mobile device service providers that accepts trade-in mobile phones at a higher rate amongst any mobile stores in Malaysia. You don’t need to worry, we can trade your old smartphones with new mobile devices at the best value and worth the price.

3. Postal Trade-in

For customers who couldn’t be able to visit our physical stores, Factory Mobile offers flexibility to get a quoted price through postage. This process is explained by our staff as follows:

Usually it is recommended for customers to visit our physical stores for an exact and proper estimation of the trade-in value after Factory Mobile’s technician does the necessary inspection. However, if let’s say, customers are unable to visit our stores then we’ll have the new phones upon request to purchase, be posted to your doorsteps. But in return, the customers must send their old phones via postage and inform Factory Mobile’s representative or management on the condition and model of the phone so that Factory Mobile can give a rough estimation of how much is the trade-in phone worth

In this scenario, customers are responsible for sending their old phones via postage (the customers are responsible to fully cover the cost of postage incurred). To ensure a fair and precise trade-in value estimate, Factory Mobile requires customers to inform our managers about the phone’s condition, model, and brand via WhatsApp or directly giving the nearest branch a call.

4. Numerous latest smartphone models:

When trading in old phones and upgrading to anew, it’ll give you access to the latest technological features that Factory Mobile has to offer. You no longer have to scout for expert technicians to fix and restore your old handphone when you can just experience a new and up-to-date features with the latest services on your new device.

There are a lot of new and latest smartphone models here at Factory Mobile such as the new iPhone 15 Pro, and other brands like Huawei, Infinix, Xiaomi, and more. Once you visit and initiate for a trade-in purchase, you’ll have an easy access to choose from a variety of phone brands in stores.

5. Free Data Backup & Format:

Furthermore, here at Factory Mobile, the trade-in process at our branches also guarantees additional security and safety when discarding personal data from your old handphone before it is resell or recycled. You can request our skilled technicians to do a data recovery and backup for free before we process your trade-in request.

Steps to Trade-in iPhone at Factory Mobile

Now here are the steps for you to trade-in your old phones with new ones at Factory Mobile:

Step 1. Visit our local stores nearby:

pergi ke factorymobile utk trade in smartphone anda

You can visit any of Factory Mobile’s local branches nearby so that our technicians can assess the condition of your handphone for an estimated value of your device.

  1. Factory Mobile Kota Bharu
  2. Factory Mobile Wakaf Siku
  3. Factory Mobile Tanah Merah
  4. Factory Mobile Pasir Puteh
  5. Factory Mobile Pasir Tumboh
  6. Factory Mobile Pasir Hor
  7. Factory Mobile AEON Mall Kota Bharu
  8. Factory Mobile Gua Musang
  9. Factory Mobile Jerteh
  10. Factory Mobile Kuala Terengganu
  11. Factory Mobile Dataran Austin
  12. Factory Mobile Shah Alam

Step 2. Hand over your old device:

Inspection and Quotation: Factory Mobile’s technicians will inspect your old device thoroughly to determine its value. After the assessment, we will provide you with a price quotation based on the device’s condition and market worth.

Free Data Backup: As an added service, you can request the technicians to back up your files and folders for free.

This ensures that your data is securely backed up before it is wiped from your old phone, prioritising your privacy and data security.

Step 3. Agreement of the quotation:

Quoted Price: Factory Mobile will then inform you of the quoted price for your old phone. At this stage, you have the option to agree and proceed with purchasing a new phone; trading in your old device for a new one.

And alternatively, if you disagree with the quoted price, you can explore other stores for alternative quotations.

Step 4. Choose your new device:

Guidance from Store Clerks: If you agree with the quoted price, you may then choose to upgrade to the latest phone, iPhone 15 Pro.

Factory Mobile’s knowledgeable store clerks will assist you in selecting your new phone. They provide guidance and information about the available product line, helping you make an informed decision based on your preferences and requirements.

Step 5. Check-out:

Payment Options: At this check-out stage, you will finalise your purchase. If the quoted value for your old phone is lower than expected, additional charges may apply, especially if repairs are necessary. Customers have the flexibility to make payments for the remaining balance through various methods, including credit instalments, cash, GrabPay Later, instant online bank in transfer, and more.

Transaction Done: Factory Mobile’s staff will accurately record your purchase and key-in the device you traded in, ensuring a smooth and transparent transaction process.

Step 6. You’re all set!

Once the transaction is complete, your new device is now within your hands. Factory Mobile’s customer-centric approach ensures a hassle-free experience, from evaluation to purchase; making the process convenient and beneficial for customers who are looking to upgrade their smartphones.

Smartphone Trade-in Process at Factory Mobile

The process of inspecting and trading in your old devices at Factory Mobile is easy and is only as quick as 30 minutes.

Our store technicians will take the time to inspect and test out the old phone’s functions, from their LCD display, volume, speakers, on/off switch, motherboard and many more. Once that is done, it’s a smooth process of trading in customer’s old phones and handing over their new and upgraded phone of choice. It’s exactly a simple and quick in-a-day process.

No requirements or tedious documents are needed for the process of trade-ins.

List of Prices for Trade-in Phones

We’ve accepted numerous traded-in gadgets and smartphones, and these are a number of sample prices for our trade-in smartphones:

BrandDeviceOriginal PriceTrade-in Price
AppleApple iPhone 14RM3,615RM1,500
AppleApple iPhone 13RM3,899RM1,100
AppleApple iPhone 11RM2,099RM400
XiaomiRedmi Note 10 ProRM899RM325
RealmeRealme C15RM699RM150
HuaweiHuawei Nova 13RM499RM150
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A14 5GRM949RM150
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S23 UltraRM6,199RM2,025
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A34 5GRM1,599RM365
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A54 5GRM1,899RM550

**Disclaimer: Do note that these prices and values mentioned are rough examples using used phones that are still in their best conditions. These prices are in no way fixed and it always differs depending on the market price that is constantly changing as well as the condition of the device brought in. If you want to inquire more, you can directly visit our nearest Factory Mobile branch for a precise quote on the value of your used phones.

For most trade-ins, iPhones have a higher value upon trade-in since Apple products are currently in high market demand. But as far as concerned, smartphones that are brought for trade-in are quoted roughly around RM700-RM1,000 (some may exceed and some may be less, depending on the estimation of the current market and inspection) 

Do remember that there are also additional charges if let’s say the device is in need of repairing. Then, the cost of repairs is required or deducted from the phone’s value. To simply put, the customer is offered a much lower value since the phone needs to be repaired and for incurring such costs.

Factory Mobile Customers’ Review

If you’re still having doubts about trading-in, don’t just hear from us, listen to what our visitors have to say.

A customer that goes by the nickname Hanis (20 years old, female, student),  came in to trade her damaged smartphone since she wanted to be in trend with all her friends that had gotten new smartphones. This is what she had to say:

I traded in my old Huawei P40 at a reasonable and recommended price for a new one. I absolutely loved the service from the staff. They were so accommodating, especially in explaining the process and reason for the quote. I’m not much of a tech expert myself but I absolutely appreciate their hospitality!

Another visitor, Aniq (27 years old, male) walked in and asked our staff about his dream phone, the Xiaomi 13T Pro. He sadly mentioned that he was unable to buy it at the time due to his budget and had been looking for places with affordable price offers and options. 

Fortunately, our staff here at Factory Mobile explained that he can still purchase it if he wishes to trade-in his old phone with the new Xiaomi 13T Pro he hoped for. This is what Aniq had to say about the trade-in:

The trade-in was a quick process, I’ll say that. I was able to get an immediate quote for my old Honor 80, and the trade-in process was completed in the same visit when I purchased my new Xiaomi 13T Pro. I was amazed how they carefully inspected my phone. This Xiaomi was something I wanted to purchase for a while but it was far out of my budget. Thanks Factory Mobile, all I needed was to trade-in my old one and add on to the balance for this new one which was almost half the original price!

We’re happy to be of help to you guys. Hope you loved your new devices!

So? Have you decided to try trade-in old phones with new ones at Factory Mobile? Why purchase in full amounts of your dream phone, when you can exchange it by trading in your old gadgets with new ones.

Come on over and browse through the many options of gadgets that we have in stores. Surely there is one that would be your pick! 

Factory Mobile: Your Gadget Solutions!

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